CO2 Carbonator

$ 15.95

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The Carbonator is a reliable and safe way to carbonate using food grade equipment!

Now, you can carbonate, and keep, almost any beverage carbonated in an instant. Simply attach the Carbonator to any standard ONE LITER or TWO LITER (PET) soft drink bottle and carbonate with any standard ball lock gas injector system.  No need to wait.....just give the bottle a shake and voila.  You now have a carbonated beverage  to enjoy or share with friends. 

The ultimate in portability.  Perfect for camping, boating, picnics, parties, events or just enjoying the back yard. 

WARNING: Do not exceed 40 PSI when using the Carbonator.

Not for use with ALL plastic bottles.  Fits standard 1L or 2L plastic bottles (PET).

We recommend testing the "fit" before using the Carbonator.

Made in USA